We offer rental and sale equipment.

The Biomek NX / NXP workstation integrates virtually all aspects of fluid handling into a single automated system that adapts to any laboratory environment…

The OT-2 workstation and your personal pipetting Robot:

  • 11 positions and a waste station …
  • Arms and pipettes … 

I-DOT is a contactless dispenser capable of dispensing volumes from 8 nl to 80 ul. It allows the dispensing of reagents with different properties, selecting for each target well the desired volume. 

Robotic system for liquid handling, with 4 channels and a robotic arm to move labware. It has an Orbital stirrer and a magnetic separation station.

Automated robotic system for testing microplates (96 and 384). It has a 96-tip head and a RoMa (robotic arm) for plate handling.

The Quadra96 320 model is a versatile automated workstation model. It has a high performance pipette equipped with 96 disposable extremities with 450 μl of maximum volume in addition to six stations for labware.

VIAFLO ASSIST offers unmatched pipetting ergonomics. If a VIAFLO II electronic pipette is connected to VIAFLO ASSIST, the pipette protocols can be performed automatically.

Manual and automatic pipetting system on 96 and 384 plates (0.5 – 200 ul)

The Biomek NX / MC Workstation integrates virtually all aspects of liquid handling in a single automated system that adapts to any laboratory environment.