EYOWN Technologies S.L is a biotechnology company specialising in the optimisation of laboratory processes through instrumentation and bioinformatics tools.

Our staff has more than 50 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We have our own laboratory to offer our clients services for the automation of their laboratory processes and the treatment of the data generated. We use the most advanced robotic technology connected to our LIMS system.

Since its foundation Eyown has prioritised the circular economy and sustainability. We want to reinforce that position to contribute to making your laboratory more sustainable, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

To this end, we have promoted the following lines of action:

Recovery of unused or underused equipment.

We extend the average life of your liquid handling robots, optimising their use and looking for maintenance and consumable alternatives to reduce costs.

If you have a robot with little use, we can help you to optimise its use or we can offer you a buy-back option.

Reducing the volume of your assays from 10x to 25x.

Using the latest liquid handling technologies you can save up to 90% on reagents and consumables.

Positive displacement technology is so precise that it allows you to reduce volumes while maintaining the quality of your results.

Automation to avoid errors and repetitions.

Our training as scientists and bioinformaticians helps us understand your assays to improve your laboratory workflow.

We can also recommend the technology that best suits your needs, implementing it and giving you the training and support you need to improve your workflow.

Tip and plate washing to reduce costs and minimise waste.

We have the latest technology for washing plastic labware such as tips and plates.

You can reduce the volume of waste in your lab and control your consumables costs. Avoid supply and storage problems.

You can contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Smart glasses communication to avoid travel and improve response time.

We can give you immediate support using Smart glasses to transmit audio, video and technical information with remote assistance from the right specialist for each issue.


Our team is made up of professionals with a dual profile: scientists and bio-informaticians.

This mixed background allows us to understand the needs and requirements of scientists, we speak their language, and we also have our own experience in various areas of research:

  • Drug Discovery
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Drug Metabolism
  • Microbiology
  • Compound Extraction
  • Process Quality Control, etc.