Laboratory automatión

The long experience of EYOWN, more than 20 years, in the area of process automation in laboratories, together with the innovation capacity of our team, has led us to the elaboration of an automation protocol where the different necessary stages are summarized when automating or modernizing any process, test, technique performed in a research or industrial development laboratory.

This protocol consists of six sequential stages, starting with the study in the client of the processes that can be automated, up to the maintenance and updating of previously developed systems. Depending on the degree of initial automation of our clients, this protocol can be started from an initial stage or from a more advanced stage.

We are experts in analysis, development and implementation of automation projects as well as in the support and maintenance of Bioinformatics of biotechnological tests. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you have about it.

In summary, the portfolio of services we offer in this area are:

  • Technical and scientific advice on new automation processes.
  • Integration of different laboratory instruments within robotic systems (hardware and software).
  • Development of global applications for automatic connection of pipetting stations with databases or LIMS.
  • Installation, Programming and Maintenance of Laboratory Instrumentation: DNA and RNA Extraction Systems, Liquid Handling Stations, HTS Robotic Systems (Maintenance of Cell Lines, Compound Screening, Colony Picking, Enzymatic Tests, etc.), Fluorimeters and Spectrophotometers , etc
  • Analysis, Development and Implementation of applications for the treatment, analysis and storage of data generated in all kinds of biological or chemical tests.
  • Activity calculations, statistical studies, creation of graphic environments, image processing.
  • Comparison of chromatograms of HPLC, UPLC, GC, etc. for optimization of the selection processes.
  • Custom quality control of different laboratory instruments.
  • On-Line support with analysis capacity and problem solving in laboratory instrumentation.
  • Modification and correction of errors in applications associated with equipment.
  • Urgent resolution of operating errors in different instruments.


Custom processes

Adaptation of the movement of chopped equipment so that the tips fall on the Petri dish and perform the following movement.

Chopped Colony Video


For any questions or concerns about these services, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form: