Scientific and international consultancy

Thanks to EYOWN staff’s over 20 years of experience in process automation and Bioinformatics, we can offer our clients an advisory and consulting service on the selection and implementation of those computer or instrumental systems that best suit their needs.

Scientific Consulting

EYOWN has accumulated a high knowledge in the systems and tools currently used in research and development laboratories. This, together with the large number of collaborations with business groups that distribute these applications and instruments, has provided us with the necessary tools to advise and audit our clients, and offer them the different options adaptable to their needs.

Furthermore, EYOWN offers the client a final evaluation table where the possible candidates and the different processes or parameters evaluated appear, allowing our clients to make their final decision on the basis of this evaluation table.

We at EYOWN understand that in order to offer an efficient advisory service to our clients we have to keep up to date on new instruments, systems or applications that may arise in the different markets. To this end, EYOWN has the following sources of information at its disposal:

International consulting on Farma

The objective of EYOWN is to facilitate the creation and implementation of Pharma Clusters through the cooperation of all actors involved in public and private health institutions. The target is to stimulate the competitive development of regional Pharma companies in the global social and administrative context, with a special focus on education and research excellence in the field of human health and innovation.

Strategic plan south Kazakhstan pharma cluster

EYOWN’s vision is to see both public and private researchers and healthcare institutions as an essential partner in the discovery, development and commercialisation of innovative pharmaceuticals.
EYOWN’s scientific advisory board addresses the coordination between public and private actors involved in human health, including universities, biopharmaceutical companies and biotechnology sectors.
EYOWN is committed to address real social needs in the field of human health. Core activities should be oriented within the strategy of active integration of the different local and international actors, incorporating the vision of patients’ associations in all aspects of ethical and legal constraints, thus favouring alternative views in research, clinics and administrative processes.
EYOWN is supportive of the prioritisation of the strategy of the governing and/or advisory bodies and is committed to the continuous improvement of the quality of treatment and the standards of the clinical environment.
EYOWN creates strategic tools to train human capital (universities, industry, administrative bodies), promote research excellence to design and develop innovative medical products and the incorporation of an increasing number of these medicines in earliest stages of clinical trials (hospitals, regulatory bodies, etc.), public procurement (public sector), and applied research and production and marketing of medicines according to strict international standards (companies).
EYOWN supports networking in the international scene, including continuous benchmarking of patients’ health needs, fostering transnational visibility and internationalisation of partners and clusters, especially in the short and medium term of the EU markets.
The Cluster’s short-term priority is the implementation of educational tools that will serve to train young human capital in line with the present and future needs of academic and Pharma companies and the international research community, in order to expand their competitiveness to the private sector at national level and enable the incorporation of new generations into the wider scientific community in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Our vision