The strategic vision of EYOWN is to facilitate cooperation among policy makers, pharmaceutical companies, universities, researchers and public health institutions, to encourage their innovation and competitive development, always oriented to research excellence in the field of human health.

EYOWN is oriented to meet social needs, especially those of patients, to create and develop tailored medical solutions. Social orientation will help prioritize the biomedical and clinical fields of intervention and investment.

EYOWN supports the discovery and development of new medical products, to educate human capital (Universities), clinical trials (Hospitals), public purchase (Public Sector), applied research and production and marketing of medicines (companies).

EYOWN favors the key issue of promoting the internationalization of medical products, the local markets of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union are a priority for the cluster in the medium term. And the markets of the European Union are a long-term priority.

Our Vision

  • Promote the competitiveness of excellence.
  • Promote cooperation among policy makers, companies and universities.
  • Transfer technology and knowledge for the development of innovative products.
  • Promote internationalization.