ISO 8655 Certificate

  • Biological exterior decontamination (bactericide, virucide, fungicide and DNA / RNA)
  • Initial inspection, tightness check.
  • Calibration according to manufacturer following the method described in ISO 8655.
  • Test in three different volumes performing 10 measurements. Multichannel pipettes are verified on all channels. Pipettes with out-of-tolerance results are subjected to an adjustment of the aspiration and ejection device following the manufacturer's protocol according to brand.
  • After the adjustment is subjected to a new calibration.
  • Delivery in airtight envelope with calibration certificate.


  • Relative humidity: 40% - 60%.
  • Ambient temperature: 19.5 - 24 ºC.
  • Atmospheric pressure: 950 - 1050 mbar
  • For all types of calibrations.
  • Calibration and Repair is performed with original spare parts of all brands.
  • Withdrawal and delivery in hand without charge.
  • Pipettes are removed, with prior notice, in 24-48 hours and delivered within a maximum period of 5-7 days.


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