LABORATORY CONSUMABLES We have all kinds of consumables needed in a laboratory. All types of consumables: European and quality manufacturing. Download our consumables guide CONTACT For any questions or concerns about any consumables, please contact us: Remarque : JavaScript est requis pour ce contenu.

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SOFTWARE We have computerized tools to help in the development of work in the laboratory. REMOTEEYEEfficiency: Start-up, Diagnostic, Repair, Maintenance, Training. Download Brochure Complete On-Line Video Assistance Save time during installation and commissioning. Reduce machine downtime. Right diagnosis at the first shoot. Less travels, less parts shipments, costs saving, more revenue. Add value to the after sales support. Stay closer to the users and specialists. Differentiate from your competitors with an innovative solution. Précédent Suivant BARTENDERCreation, automation and management of…

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LIMS​ The continuous progress in the area of results generated by a research laboratory, has led to the emergence of increasingly comprehensive systems of analysis and comprehensive management of this data (LIMS). I want to know more These computer tools allow storing and analyzing the data generated in a laboratory in the same order as the flow of processes that are physically performed being in the case of R&D environments fully adaptable to the continuous changes that occur in a…

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