We offer rental and sale equipment.

The SPT Labtech Mosquito is a high precision liquid handler from 10 nanolitres to 5 microlitres.

The Dragonfly from SPT Labtech is a liquid handler with an exceptional volume range: from 100 nanolitres to 4 millilitres.

The Apricot S3 pipettor is a compact pipettor with 96 and 384 channel pipetting heads.

The XL 100 and XL 200 series from Biomicrolab (now part of SPT Labtech) is designed to automate the following processes…

The OT-2 workstation and your personal pipetting Robot:

  • 11 positions and a waste station …
  • Arms and pipettes … 

Robotic system for liquid handling, with 4 channels and a robotic arm to move labware. It has an Orbital stirrer and a magnetic separation station.

Automated robotic system for assays in tubes and microplates (96 and 384). It has 2 liquid handling arms with 8 channels each

The Quadra96 320 model is a versatile automated workstation model. It has a high performance pipette equipped with 96 disposable extremities with 450 μl of maximum volume in addition to six stations for labware.

The Biomek NX / MC Workstation integrates virtually all aspects of liquid handling in a single automated system that adapts to any laboratory environment.

The “Andrew+” liquid handling robot offers fully automated pipetting as well as more complex manipulations using a wide range of “Domino” accessories and electronic pipettes.