EYOWN Technologies participates as Exhibitor in the 8th International Meeting of Biotechnology BIOSPAIN.2016 in Bilbao (27 – 29 September 2016).

On this occasion EYOWN presents the launch of the product line SAMPLIFY a Nevolab , which includes a series of compact models capable of handling liquid handling tasks in laboratories that handle a not very large number of samples. In this way, this type of laboratories can access the advantages offered by automation (error-free operation, elimination of the most repetitive and tedious tasks) without the complexity and cost of equipment and operation presented by large robotic platforms.


The platform can include up to five SBS positions and employs a SCARA-type robot that allows it to access all the positions of the samples accurately, occupying a much smaller space than that used in Cartesian robots. The robot may include a fixed point with wash station or use disposable tips. For more complex applications the system Samplify XL allows operations with more throughput, lower volume or greater degree of customization, always at a very low cost.

Using very powerful software it is possible to define positions for both microplates and tube racks. The software allows programming repetitive pipetting tasks including variables (number of samples, volume) and allows the integration with the rest of the laboratory software (LIMS, databases), as well as carrying out cherry picking tasks using a spreadsheet as input. It can also read barcodes or RFID. The software is compatible with the regulation 21CFR Part 11.

he communication with the computer is done through a dedicated WiFi interface, which, together with the small size of the platform, allows operation inside a fume hood. It has a set of accessories such as agitators, shakers, heating and / or cooling systems, etc.

We hope this information may be of interest to you. For any clarification or additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.