We offer rental and sale equipment.

The new Spark 10 M multi-mode plate reader brings together technological advances that make it the most advanced reader in the market.

The Infinite M200 is a multimode microplate reader for absorbance with the option to quantify nucleic acids.

The SpectraFluor is a multimode microplate reader for Absorbance and Fluorescence.

– Large screen (high-performance 10.1-inch IPS touch screen.

– Obtaining immediate results (Reading can be completed in two steps, computerized and plotted directly).

July FL is a Living Cell Analyzer by fluorescence. With the most modern optics, JuLI ™ FL allows users to capture images and make movies over time.

Quantica 500 ™ offers high counting efficiency thanks to its first-class camera resolution and carefully selected algorithms. The counting process takes less than half a second. The Quantica 500 ™ counter software is easy to use and functional.

The Quantica 500 ™ + automatic colony counter is specifically dedicated to entities that perform microbiological analyzes based on:
– Total colony count
– Measurement of microbial growth inhibition halos around antimicrobial susceptibility discs and MIC strips.