Manufacture: DISPENDIX

Mode: i-Dot

Price: From € 65,000

General Information:

I-DOT is a contactless dispenser capable of dispensing volumes from 8 nl to 80 ul. It allows the dispensing of reagents with different properties, selecting for each target well the desired volume. It uses high precision microvalves and a high pressure line to generate nano-drops through micropores.

  • Source plate with SBS format with capacity up to 96 reagents. Offers greater autonomy and less manual intervention
  • Allows 8 reagents to be dispensed simultaneously. Increased dispensing speed and reduced evaporation. Temperature and humidity control.
  • Dispensing verification by nano-drop counting.
  • Dispensing times: 20 ‘ 384w plates and 80 s. 1536x plates.
  • Applications of use:
        • Sample preparation for qPCR
        • Cellular Printing, Single Dispensing
        • Array Generation
        • Serial dilutions in Drug Discovery
        • IC50 Studies

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