Manufacture: ZINSSER


Price: From € 25,700

General Information:

The TraySy “X”, a newly developed X-Y distributor and the proven Perifill® IQ 3000 peristaltic dispenser form a unique automatic filling system for small and medium-sized lots. TraySy “X” is a computer-controlled, precision X, Y system with a stainless steel work table where vials, plates, tubes or trays can be placed for automatic filling.

In less than 2 seconds you can fill a 4 ml bottle. It can be used for sterile and non-sterile series production, in drug dispensing, bacteriology laboratories, production of pharmaceutical and diagnostic batches.

– Precise control of liquid temperature and agitation.

– Fast or slow dispensing.

– Total control of viscous materials.

– Slow start and slow end programmable – no splash.

– Volume range from 0.1 ml to 1000 ml.

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