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  • Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
  • Model: BIOMEK NXP

The Biomek NX / NXP workstation integrates virtually all aspects of fluid handling into a single automated system that adapts to any laboratory environment…

  • Manufacturer: OPENTRONS
  • Model: OT- 2

The OT-2 workstation and your personal pipetting Robot:

  • 11 positions and a waste station …
  • Arms and pipettes … 
  • Manufacturer: DISPENDIX
  • Model: i-Dot

I-DOT is a contactless dispenser capable of dispensing volumes from 8 nl to 80 ul. It allows the dispensing of reagents with different properties, selecting for each target well the desired volume. 

  • Manufacturer: TECAN IBERICA
  • Model: Freedom Evo

Robotic system for liquid handling, with 4 channels and a robotic arm to move labware. It has an Orbital stirrer and a magnetic separation station.

  • Manufacturer: TECAN
  • Model: FreedomEvo MCA 150 & RoMa

Automated robotic system for testing microplates (96 and 384). It has a 96-tip head and a RoMa (robotic arm) for plate handling.

  • Manufacturer: TOMTEC
  • Model: 320

The Quadra96 320 model is a versatile automated workstation model. It has a high performance pipette equipped with 96 disposable extremities with 450 μl of maximum volume in addition to six stations for labware.

  • Model: VIAFLO & ASSIST

VIAFLO ASSIST offers unmatched pipetting ergonomics. If a VIAFLO II electronic pipette is connected to VIAFLO ASSIST, the pipette protocols can be performed automatically.

  • Model: VIAFLO384

Manual and automatic pipetting system on 96 and 384 plates (0.5 – 200 ul)

  • Manufacturer: INTEGRA BIOSCIE
  • Model: VIAFILL

Automatic reagent dispenser for microplates and Deep Well plates from 6 to 1536 wells. It uses an 8 or 16 reusable, autoclavable peristaltic pump and cassette that can be recalibrated. Volumes from 1 to 10000 ul can vary the volume in each of the channels.

  • Manufacturer: THERMO SCIENTIFICS
  • Model: COMBI

Automatic reagent dispenser for microplates from 6 to 1536 wells. It uses a reusable, autoclavable 8-point peristaltic pump and cassette that can be recalibrated. Volumes from 1 to 2500 ul can vary the volume in each of the channels.

  • Manufacturer: ZINSSER
  • Model: TRAYSY

TraySy “X”, a newly developed X-Y distributor and the accredited Perifill® IQ 3000 peristaltic dispenser form a unique automatic filling system for small and medium lots.

  • Manufacturer: BIOTEK
  • Model: ELx405

The ELx405 Select is the first DeepWell plate microplate washer on the market that aspirates and dispenses in 96 and 384 well plates.

  • Manufacturer: TECAN IBERICA
  • Model: Spark

The new Spark 10 M multi-mode plate reader brings together technological advances that make it the most advanced reader in the market.

  • Manufacturer: TECAN
  • Model: Infinite 200

The Infinite M200 is a multimode microplate reader for absorbance with the option to quantify nucleic acids.

  • Manufacturer: TECAN
  • Model: SpectraFluor

The SpectraFluor is a multimode microplate reader for Absorbance and Fluorescence.

  • Manufacturer: USCNK Life Science Inc.
  • Model: SMR16.1

– Large screen (high-performance 10.1-inch IPS touch screen.

– Obtaining immediate results (Reading can be completed in two steps, computerized and plotted directly).

  • Manufacturer: NANOENTEK
  • Model: JULI FL

July FL is a Living Cell Analyzer by fluorescence. With the most modern optics, JuLI ™ FL allows users to capture images and make movies over time.

  • Manufacturer: BIOAVLEE
  • Model: QUANTICA 500

Quantica 500 ™ offers high counting efficiency thanks to its first-class camera resolution and carefully selected algorithms. The counting process takes less than half a second. The Quantica 500 ™ counter software is easy to use and functional.

  • Manufacturer: BIOAVLEE
  • Model: QUANTICA 500 +

The Quantica 500 ™ + automatic colony counter is specifically dedicated to entities that perform microbiological analyzes based on:
– Total colony count
– Measurement of microbial growth inhibition halos around antimicrobial susceptibility discs and MIC strips.

  • Manufacturer: WASSERLAB
  • Model: PLUS 1 + 2

The Autwomatic Plus provides two water qualities independently.

  • Manufacturer: REPHILO
  • Model: Direct-Pure EDI

The Direct-Pure EDI laboratory water system produces Type II water from tap water directly.

  • Manufacturer: SHIPPING
  • Model: Microjet ML2

The thermal energy of the Microjet necessary for sterilization is supplied directly to the medium. Microwaves are the source of energy, which causes heating to occur instantaneously and uniformly throughout the volume of the liquid.

  • Model: Mediaclave 10 liters

Automatic Culture Media Preparation System in stainless steel, with magnetic stirrer, sterile filter and printer.

  • Model: VARIO

Automatic distributor of culture media for filling 90, 60 and 30mm plates

  • Manufacturer: DPC
  • Model: Micromix5

The DPC MicroMix Model 5 is a plate and tube agitator. Made of stainless steel and some parts in anodized aluminum, this agitator is built with specific materials to be chemically resistant.


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