Manufacture: TECAN IBERICA
Model: Spark

The new Spark 10 M multi-mode plate reader brings together technological advances that make it most advanced reader in the market. The Spark 10M reader combines the features of a reader multimode, incubator, dispenser and cell counter in a single compact device.

Absorbance reading through high speed monochromator. Allows readings with sweep from 200 nm to 1,000 nm in 5 seconds.

Quantification of samples in 2ul volumes using the Nanoquant plate, which is 16 quartz microcuvette capacity to measure 16 samples in parallel.

Fluorescence reading using Fusion technology. Measurements can be made polarized fluorescence by means of filters, monochromators or a combination of both.

Luminescence reading with the possibility to select between 19 wavelengths and width of variable band to optimize each experiment.

Gas control module that allows the simultaneous control of O2 and CO2 levels. The ability to regulate oxygen concentration at 0.1% levels allows reproducing the physiological conditions for hypoxia experiments.

It has injectors and cell count module.

For any questions or concerns about this equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form indicating instrument: SPARK_01